Directions to the Rangers


The Johnson County Rangers have regular monthly shoots at the Bucksnort Longhunters Range near Boston, KY. This is a private range that is only open to to the public during scheduled events.  The range is located on 20 beautiful acres of the Pearl Hollow Landfill property.  Within the range property you will find two log cabins and covered range for our monthly regular matches.  

The site is approximately 21 miles northeast of Elizabethtown, Kentucky or 21 miles southwest of Bardstown, Kentucky.

Notice: This is a private range on private property. It is only open for scheduled JCR/NCOWS or Bucksnort Longhunters events.

You must have a Bucksnort Longhunters membership card, or be in the company of a card holding member, to use the range outside of scheduled events.

JCR members are not required to be a member of Bucksnort to shoot at scheduled JCR events.
See our Schedule of Events.

Typing the range address for the Johnson County Rangers in Google Maps or GPS leads to the Pearl Hollow Landfill:

1620 Audubon Trace Rd.
Elizabethtown, KY 42701

The entrance to the range is located on a gated access road before entering the Pearl Hollow Landfill.

The actual Bucksnort Longhunters facility is located further back on the property. Spotting the log cabins will mark your final destination: