One Riot, One Ranger blog

One Riot, One Ranger blog

By Blackjack Charlie, NCOWS #3785

April 17, 2017

Saturday’s regular JCR match was a beautiful day to burn some powder.   We had 16 regular shooters and welcomed Mark as our newest shooter and welcomed back from his hiatus another Mark our own Mr. Fixit, Mark Stapleton.  See pics from shoot.

Match Scores

May 5, 2017

So this is the first day of creating our new Johnson County Rangers website and my first official day as webmaster for our posse.  Hello to all current Rangers and those interested in our exploits to our new website.  Yes, the Johnson County Rangers has re-located to our new address on the inter-web.  You can continue to view and re-live old memories at our old address, but I hope we can create new memories through our new website.  We will miss our old address, but similar to Manifest Destiny sweeping our new nation centuries ago we knew change was inevitable.

Before I get into what the new website will offer, I want to first thank Mike “Bowie Maker” Carter for tending to our homestead at for all those years with his great photography and videos.  Your photography and videos kindled an interest into this unique sport for a wandering soul such as myself. It was fate I searched Kentucky cowboy action shooting and clicked on Mike’s article on titled,  “Have you ever wanted to be a cowboy.”  Reading that article was the foundation to help me decide which cowboy action shooting organization to call home and ultimately lead my girlfriend and I to visit the Johnson County Rangers Introduction Day shoot over a year ago today.  I feel I would not be here today writing to you on the inter-webs or met some of the great pards along the way.    I want to personally thank you for your passion and all those great images.  I also want to thank Gabe and Jeff for this opportunity to become the torch bearer for this website.  I honestly have put my “blood,” sweat and tears into with virtually no background or knowledge on website design and I hope to build the website into something you as a visitor will appreciate.

I want to continue on the foundation laid by Mike by offering a visitor a window into our unique sport.  The website will continue to provide up to date information about our posse with the latest schedule updates, match scores and images.


May 13, 2017

Saturday’s regular JCR match was another gorgeous day to shoot and hang out with pards.   We had a total of 14 regular shooters and among those shooters were three returning posse members Jeff, Dynamite Bill and Nana.  Welcome Back!  See pics from shoot.

May 25, 2017

The website is becoming a never-ending beast for a first-time web-builder like myself who also works full-time job.  I’m finding out website building is like a marathon rather than a 40 yard dash so there will be some hiccups along the way.  I hope to have the site presentable this week as I will continue to add new video and photo content from our shoots, develop new interactive items for the site, and create a series of articles and videos on how to get started and equipped in the wonderful sport of cowboy action shooting.

June 1, 2017

If you have an item for sale, sale it here on  We have a For Sale part of the Mercantile page to sell items locally or throughout the U.S.  I will publish it our on website, Instagram and Facebook page.

June 2, 2017

ATTENTION:  I need photos from our posse of any Johnson County Rangers meetings, matches, or get togethers.  I’m trying to fill the website with plenty of imagery.  Email photos to


June 3, 2017

My cowboy pard Wild Ben van Dorn and I heard about the fun atmosphere for those who camp at the NCOWS Nationals in Evansville and wanted to partake in the festivities. So Wild Ben suggested we create our own low budget cowboy camp for this years Nationals so we can keep costs at a minimum, but have fun experiencing life as Rangers. Me being the agreeable best friend said sure why not have some fun with this.  Our plan is to set up a cowboy camp under the stars with only the bare necessities.  To heighten the fun level personally, this will be my son Capgun Curry’s first experience camping and shooting at the Nationals.  Hope to see everyone there at Nationals and don’t feel sorry for us as we experience life as true cowboys in the 19th century.